South Asian-American Democratic Caucus

South Asian American Democratic Caucus

Mission statement

South Asian-American Democratic Caucus (SAADC) is a national organization that represents and advocates for the diverse interests of South Asian and South East Asian communities in the United States. Towards that end, SAADC, which means road in Hindi, is deeply invested in creating a pathway towards political engagement and leadership within the South Asian and South East Asian communities through multiple strategies of outreach, education and cooperation at the local and national levels. SAADC’s strategies include community outreach and education, voter registration and citizenship drives, as well building alliances with organizations with similar goals.

Caucus objectives:

  1. To encourage South Asian and South East Asian communities to participate in electoral and political processes.
  2.  To increase awareness about immigrant rights and facilitate immigrant integration into mainstream American society with protection afforded to all lawful residents.
  3. To increase awareness about civil rights restoration for those who have paid their debts to society
  4. To prevent rollback on established women’s rights while advocating for equal rights across the board, especially within South Asian and South East Asian immigrant communities.
  5. To advocate for and support continued environmental protection and water conservation.
  6. To push for access to high-quality healthcare at a reasonable cost for all
  7. To support access to high-quality education for all communities, irrespective of their socio-economic standing
  8. To lobby for an equitable tax structure that ensures fairness